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3 veteran officers appointed to highest levels of Montgomery Police Department

Three veteran Montgomery police officers were named Thursday to lead the department’s three main divisions.

Chief Darryl Albert, joined by Mayor Steven Reed, announced the positions as part of the new chief’s force restructuring. These appointments are: Chief of Staff Zedrick Dean, Chief of Operations Denise Barnes and Chief of Investigations John Hall.

“I restructured the divisions to create better span of control, better accountability, more efficiency, better distribution of workload,” Albert said at an afternoon press conference.

“The people I have chosen have demonstrated the leadership I seek, the energy and the knowledge to move this agency forward,” he said. “But it doesn’t stop there. This team will identify, mentor and train our next leaders.

Reed said when Albert took over as department head 115 days ago, he wanted to make sure Albert knew he had his “unwavering support” to do the things necessary to make the community safe.

“It was not a question of if, it was a question of when, Chief Albert would come forward to make his impression known, not only internally within the police department, but also within the law enforcement community. order and our community as a whole,” Reed said. said. “I know since he’s been there that’s exactly what he did because I heard it.”

“We had several conversations with Chief Albert about what he thought should be done. It’s just as important as everything we do – having the right structure, the right organization to meet the needs and necessities of today, tomorrow and beyond,” Reed said.

“There are 62 years of experience combined with this team and 94 years if you take into account my years of service in law enforcement,” the police chief said. “This team has worked in most units of the police service and has extensive experience. Together, we will continue to move forward. »

Dean previously served as chief of staff under the previous administration after being appointed to the position in 2019. He served over 20 years with the department.

Barnes and Hall both joined the department in 2002 and previously served at the rank of major.