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A Conversation with Rookie Safety JT Woods Loaders

How would you describe the last few months?

Woods: Oh my God! I would definitely say it’s a dream come true, that’s for sure. It’s really hard to put into words but I really fell into the perfect team for me with the perfect people around me. It’s nothing but a dream that I can live every day, so I’m very grateful.

When you call this team “perfect” and talk about the people, what else is there about the Chargers that makes them such a good fit for you?

Woods: It’s not just the players or the coaches, but also the staff. There has never been a day when I walked into the building and didn’t see a smile on every person’s face. This is something that was really important to me; be in a healthy work environment. I know from the first day I entered the organization, it was like that. It’s family oriented, which I love because I’m very family-oriented. But also, being in California, in a beautiful place. It’s 70 degrees and sunny everyday so I have the opportunity to bring my family to California and get them away from the Texas heat and see the beach. I think for me to be in a healthy work environment and have people who are going to nurture me and make me not just a better football player, but a better man, it’s literally crazy to think that I’m a Charger. and where I am in my life right now.

Speaking of people, we recently posted an interview with Nasir Adderley and he talked about you and mentioned how he tries to help you when you come into this league.

How was it to know him?

Woods: Nas is very special because he is very, very smart. He knows a lot about and outside of football. He had an influence on financial literacy. Few people have the kind of financial literacy he has. He literally sat with me in the locker room and talked about life insurance policies and things you never thought of when you were 21, but things that are important now. He gave me a lot of knowledge outside of football. It’s really nice to have people in the locker room talking about the stuff of life.

I’ll be honest, I’ve done a ton of interviews and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone talk about the financial literacy part of the game like you did.

You mention that you are human, that football is your job, but where does this fondness for off-field knowledge that you want to acquire come from?

Woods: I don’t really know where it comes from. I think for me, I always wanted to see more. I like football. I love football with passion, it’s super important to me. But if I love football the most, it’s because of the people it allows us to be with and the knowledge we [gain] because of the different upbringings we have. We all have a different education, we come from different backgrounds, we even come from different countries! We have people from Canada! You bring them all together in one room, and they’re all fighting for one goal: to win a Super Bowl. I think it’s very unique, and you learn so much about people.

I like the changing room environment; I love everyone around me. Obviously they teach me a lot about the X’s and the O’s and football is our job and we are expected to do it at a very high level. Without exception, everyone helps me and all the recruits around us reach this level. But we’re 21, 22, we’re entering the league and it’s the first time that a lot of people have a “job”. It’s just little things that I’m grateful to have. You’ve heard nightmarish stories of veterans who don’t want to help rookies because sometimes they feel like they’re there to take their place. But that’s never been the case for anyone [here]. We talk about the quality of the vets and how they really try to help us grow.