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Alexander County Veterans Services Office Now Files PACT Claims

The Alexander County Veterans Services Office now helps local veterans and survivors file claims under the PACT Act. PACT is a new law that extends health care and VA benefits to veterans exposed to fire pits and other toxic substances in Thailand and other areas outside of Vietnam. This law helps the VA provide generations of veterans — and their survivors — with the care and benefits they have earned and deserve.

“The PACT Act is a historic new law that will help VA provide services to millions of veterans and their survivors by allowing us to provide care and presumptive benefits to veterans suffering from more than 20 veterans-related conditions. toxic exposure. It will also bring generations of veterans into VA health care, which will improve health outcomes for veterans at every level,” said VA Secretary Denis McDonough.

If you think you might be eligible for PACT benefits, here’s what you need to know: You can apply for PACT benefits now by filing an application with the VA or the Veterans Services Office of Alexander County.

“The PACT Act was signed into law on August 10, 2022. We can file claims immediately and the VA will begin the development process,” said Alexander County Veterans Services Officer Cherry Kilby. “The VA will begin processing PACT Act claims in January 2023, but we can file now for our local veterans.”

Learn more about the PACT Act by visiting or calling 1-800-MY-VA-411.

For more information, contact Cherry Kilby at (828) 632-5411 or [email protected]