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Amid criticism, veterans organization calls Biden administration ‘less culpable’ in Afghanistan

Many veterans of the post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are frustrated with the execution of President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, Politics reports. For some, this would have led to an increase in PTSD symptoms.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone who isn’t angry or disappointed with how this has been achieved,” said Tom Porter, executive vice president of government affairs for U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans (who has more than 425,000 members who served in Iraq and Afghanistan), Recount Politics. “Nobody thinks there was a plan.”

But Jon Soltz, an Iraqi veteran and chairman of the Democratic-aligned advocacy group VoteVets, thinks Biden doesn’t deserve the brunt of criticism over the US departure. “Let’s investigate,” he said. Recount Politics. “Well, let’s talk about Trump’s deal with the Taliban which was just a deal between the United States and not a deal with the Afghan government. If we want to investigate Afghanistan, there are 19 years of administrations to review, and there are about three months of [the Biden] administration. So let’s open this thing up and talk about it, because the least culpable person is this administration.” Read more at Politics.