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April 26 – Veteran Carriers donates $20,000 to Bryan County tornado victims | Local governments and politics

April 26, 2022 – Veteran Carriers, a local trucking company owned by retired US Air Force Tactical Air Control Party Cliff White and Rob Cooch, donated $20,000 in VISA gift cards, food and checks to Bryan County Family Connections and God’s Pit Crew to help victims of the tornado that hit the Pembroke, Bryan County area.

“On April 5, at approximately 5:10 p.m., an F-3 tornado more than approximately half a mile wide struck the northern end of Bryan County. 22 homes were completely destroyed, 23 homes were severely impacted, and 59 homes Suffered minor damage Countryside ravaged With assistance from Richmond Hill Police Department, Georgia State Patrol, City of Pembroke and area

local communities and businesses, we are clearing land and helping our residents,” said Jennifer Fleming, Bryan County Assistant Public Relations Manager.

“These are my neighbours. Seeing the devastation caused to residents who may not have had insurance, we decided to act. They need immediate help. Whether it’s gas for tractors, move all the trees, feed the volunteers, buy food and give out VISA gift cards – we wanted to help our neighbors. It’s a blessing to give back to my community, it’s the life, use your network for good. Everyone has their struggles – their ups and downs, being able to make life a little easier for our neighbors in Bryan County is the least we can do,” Cliff said. White, veteran carrier.

On April 14, veteran transporters set up a food station set up in the Homestead community to feed first responders and volunteers, delivered fresh hot meals to surrounding households, and went door-to-door to distribute VISA gift cards to anyone in need. A check for $3,000 was given to God’s Pit Crew, a non-profit disaster relief organization that cuts trees, rebuilds homes and provides relief around the world and a check for $7,000 went to was donated to Bryan County Family Connections, a community collaboration dedicated to improving the quality of life in Bryan County.

Founded three years ago and now with more than 30 of their 105 employees, military veterans Cliff White and Rob Cooch of VC host two fundraisers, a car show and a golf tournament, for the Tactical Air Control Party . The TACP is a small Air Force group with 1,500 members who align themselves across the Army echelon, from conventional echelon to Rangers to Special Forces.

Veteran Carriers is a veteran owned and operated company based in Savannah, Georgia adjacent to North America’s largest container terminal. Operating with over 100 trucks, Veterans Carriers specializes in intermodal/drayage shipping and warehousing. Established in 2017, Veteran Carriers can haul containers to and from port, rail ramps, or shipping docks, and deliver goods with the ability to service the lower 48 states. The company is proud of the veterans it employs, its annual car show, the Trucking for a Cause fundraiser to benefit TACP families, and the Feed a Trucker campaign. To visit for more information.