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Binghamton Mayor Proclaims Next Week “Mutual Safety Week” | WIVT

BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton is celebrating one of its oldest businesses and thanking it for all of its charitable work for the community.

Mayor Jared Kraham proclaimed next week Mutual Security Week in the city and helped President and CEO Kirk Gravely raise the Mutual Security Flag outside City Hall.

The life insurance company launched the Sock Out Cancer initiative several years ago, raising funds for hospital foundations which, in turn, donate to cancer patients to cover food, travel, rent and medical expenses not covered.

Since 2017, Sock Out Cancer has raised approximately $700,000 for the UHS and Lourdes foundations, and over $1 million in total.

He is currently in 4 states and about to add Arizona. It is run entirely by volunteers, many of whom are employees of Security Mutual.

“The foundations themselves also agree that every dollar they receive they will give back, because after all, we feed people, we help people, and I’m so proud of what they’ve done,” said Bruce Boyea. .

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Open has announced that Friday August 19 will be Sock Out Cancer Day at the tournament, in hopes the association can expand to other PGA events.

Kraham also recognized Security Mutual for sponsoring hanging flower baskets in the city and for organizing the annual Jim Mudcat Grant Memorial All-Star Golf Tournament which raises money for local charities for hunger, children and children. veterans.

State Senator Fred Akshar and Congresswoman Donna Lupardo co-sponsored a bill declaring Sunday Sock Out Cancer Day in New York State, which passed the state legislature unanimously.