Veteran services

County Department of Veterans Services to open new office in Greensboro

The Guilford County government has expanded its services to veterans, and the county — which has shown great respect to local veterans in various ways this month — announced a new location for its Veterans Services office in Greensboro.

The new office, which will be at 2301 W. Meadowview Road in Greensboro, will open at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 17.

Hours of operation for the new location will be 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

In the past, the county’s Veterans Services office was located at 1203 Maple Street in Greensboro – the same well-known building where the county offers many of its social and public health services.

This Veterans Affairs office closed on Monday, November 14, and Veterans Services staff are now taking a few days to relocate to the new location.

Guilford County Veterans Services Director Robert Shelley said as the opening of the new office nears the new location will bring many benefits, which he says is convenient for transportation services. in common and is connected to the NC Works Guilford County Career Center. . Shelley said this roommate provides veterans “direct access to employment and career supports and benefits that we help deliver through the Office of Veterans Services,” and he added. that the atmosphere of the new office is “welcoming”.

The county also has a Veterans Services office at 325 E. Russell Ave. at High Point. The hours and operation of this office will not change.

The Department of Veterans Services assists local veterans in filing claims for benefits administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and Guilford County North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs.

Some of the benefits offered are:

• Adapted equipment for severely disabled veterans

• Help for veterans confined to a home, hospital or nursing home

• Tips for appealing any decision made by the VA

• Subsidies for car equipment for severely disabled people

• Assistance with burial/land costs

• Annual clothing assistance for disabled veterinarians connected to the service

• Financial assistance for surviving spouses of wartime veterans

• Benefits for children of disabled veterans

• Financial assistance for those injured in the line of duty or on active duty

• Assistance with applying for higher education allowances

• Assistance in receiving certificates of eligibility

• Help registering with VA Medical Care

• Pension benefits and financial assistance for war veterans

• Vocational rehabilitation training for employment or education for disabled veterans

•Specialized automobile license plates for qualifying veterans.

Other Guilford County government departments also provide benefits to local veterans. For example, Guilford County Deeds Registry Jeff Thigpen started a program years ago that provides veterans with ID cards that allow them discounts and other benefits at participating local businesses.