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Disabled American Veterans Organization Provides Vital Services to Veterans – The Fort Morgan Times

Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 41, at Fort Morgan has had a vital presence for many years in Morgan County.

Jack Darnell, a Marine Corps veteran is the DEC (State Executive Committee member) for the Fort Morgan chapter, explains the purpose of the DAV chapter.

“The two main projects of the DAV are transporting vets and compensating for injuries,” Darnell said. “We currently have two vans to help veterans get to their doctor’s appointments.”

Transportation Coordinator John Wilson is one of the drivers, and the group is currently looking for a volunteer to drive the second van. Lunch is provided.

The second project is veterans compensation.

“If anyone suffered an injury while in the military, whether it was psychological or physical, we help with the claim,” Darnell said. “There are no fees. The DAV has people at the state level who work with the VA so you don’t need to have an attorney to help you with the claim.

“We support other veterans through the DAV,” Darnell continued. “We also support other veterans organizations financially and with manpower.”

One of the organizations the group supports is the Honor Flight, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transporting American veterans to view memorials of the war they fought. This is done at no cost to the veteran.

The DAV is also known for its Blue Forget-Me-Nots, which is a major fundraiser for the group. Donations are collected from local businesses for blue poppies. Fundraisers are underway and more locations are coming up throughout the region.

If you need DAV services, contact Jack Darnell (970) 768-4986 for general information. Group Warrant Officer Bonnie Rohn can be reached at (970) 768-4985 for general information or to file a claim.

The Fort Morgan Chapter meets on the third Saturday of each month. Their next meeting will be on November 19. Meetings are held at The Block, 19592 E. 8th Ave in Fort Morgan.

Any military veteran is welcome to attend the meeting, meet the members and get more information on how DAV can help you.