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DuPont Police Honor JBLM with Military and Veteran Support Vehicle – The Suburban Times

City of DuPont press release.

The DuPont Police Department (DPD) is dedicating one of its new police vehicles as part of its military and veteran outreach and support efforts. The official deployment will take place in a private ceremony Friday, July 15, 2022 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Garrison Headquarters attended by JBLM leadership.

Along with its special camouflage-style markings, the message on this police cruiser pays tribute to the military community that lives, works and visits the city of DuPont. It will also feature “22 is too manyand the phone and text numbers for the Veterans Administration (VA) Military Crisis Line. The slogan “22 is too manyhas been used to describe the tragic trend of military and veteran suicides in the United States.

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“We are located adjacent to the largest military installation on the West Coast and are privileged to serve service members, veterans and their families at DuPont,” said DuPont Police Chief Doug Newman. “Police cars are usually the most visible representatives of the cities in which they operate. They can be rolling billboards for what a county and city stands for. Many police departments use their vehicles for recruitment or special community efforts to express the identity of their organizations. This vehicle represents the identity of DPD: Pserving a community of defenders of our nation.

A veteran of the Iraq War himself, Chief Newman emphasized the unique requirements of military service. “Military families face the same stressors as other families, with the added burden of prolonged separations from global deployments and starting over in new communities every few years. These challenges are compounded when you consider that veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other combat operations may still face trauma as a result of their service. Our goal is to honor them, while drawing attention to resources that can support those in need.

Chief Newman said the car was the result of the close relationship DuPont and its police department have with JBLM. “Lieutenant General Xavier Brunson, Commanding General of the US First Corps, is truly the best partner we could ask for. The care he has for his soldiers and their families is quite evident. Moreover, one could not dream of better public safety counterparts than the 42nd Military Police Brigade, under the exemplary leadership of Colonel Robert McNellis. Col. McNellis, JBLM Police Chief Robert Miller, and the rest of the JBLM Public Safety team were instrumental in bringing this project to life, along with many other community support projects mutual.

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The new car, which was originally to feature standard “POLICE” graphics and decals as part of the City’s normal vehicle replacement process, is a fully functional police vehicle. It will be issued to DuPont Police Department Sergeant and military veteran, Tom Adkins. Sergeant Adkins served with the DuPont Police Department for 19 years. Prior to becoming a civilian law enforcement officer, Sergeant Adkins served eight years on active duty in the United States Air Force. The car will patrol DuPont as part of their regular fleet for maximum community exposure.

If you or someone you know is a veteran or loved one in need of help, you can contact the Veterans Administration Crisis Support Service. You are not required to be enrolled in VA benefits or health care to connect: www.veteranscrisisline.netcall 1-800-273-8285 or text 838255.

For more information about the DuPont Police Department’s military and veteran outreach and support efforts, please visit:

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