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Evansville community event provides resources to over 30 veterans

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – The Veterans Committee for the Southwest Indiana Homeless Services Board hosted its annual “Homeless Veteran Stand Down” event on Wednesday with local community service providers.

The event featured countless resources for veterans, from medical insurance companies to nonprofits, and more.

National Vet Help was one of many organizations sharing resources with veterans at the event.

National Vet Help Intake Administrator Many Craig says she recently started working for this organization. She says it’s important to her to provide resources for veterans.

“We try to connect them to get their VA disability benefits. Everything from hearing loss to major conditions, we categorize them all so they can get a monthly compensation check for it,” Craig said. If it’s related to their service time, we can compensate them for it.”

Army veteran Scot Kenoyer is one of many veterans Craig provided resources to on Wednesday. Kenoyer says he served in the US Army in the 1980s for three years. He says he served in the military in Georgia, South Carolina and Germany. Kenoyer says he came to the annual Stand Down event for the resources.

“It’s like getting out of service and getting on that plane to go back to the United States,” Kenoyer said. “It’s such a great feeling, it’s unforgettable.”

Kenoyer says he knows some of the community partners who have shown up at the reserve from other events. He says he moved to Evansville in 2009 for his ex-wife and son. Kenoyer says the transition from serving in the military to being a veteran isn’t easy, but he’s grateful he decided to serve his country.

“It’s always difficult because you, you always have thoughts in the back of your mind, you just have to keep your distance,” Kenoyer said. “You are ready to lay down your life for these people and look at what they are doing for us. You know, it’s heartwarming.

Event officials say only five veterans attended in 2021 and this year more than 30 veterans came out for community resources.