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GNC Establishes Veteran Hiring Initiative Through University of Health and Performance Partnership

Company Partners as an Affiliate Company to Diversify Talent Pool in Support of Military Community

PITTSBURGH, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With thousands of retail outlets and franchises across the United States, a thriving e-commerce business and a need for staff to meet consumer demand, GNC is positioned for growth. To achieve this, the company is investing in its commitment to the military community, launching a U.S.-based partnership with the University of Health and Performance to form a dedicated veteran hiring initiative at scale. company whose goal is to hire more than 1,000 program participants over the next two years.

Founded by CEO Matt Hessea former GNC partner, franchise operator, military veteran, and founder and former CEO of PERFORMIX (an athletic brand sold at GNC), the University of Health and Performance is built on its four-part integrated curriculum dimensions known as The Purpose Blueprint, to support the distinct needs of veterans, allowing them to discover a new purpose and a new way to serve, through fitness and health.

“GNC has been fundamental to my post-service transition, providing stability and community during a time of change,” Hesse said. “I joined GNC as an Associate and was immediately drawn to its mission and commitment to supporting consumers through innovation and scientific advancement. Building on the mission of living well business, I expanded my role to owning 12 units as a franchisee and developing the disruptive supplement brand, PERFORMIX.”

As part of its affiliation, GNC works with the University of Health and Performance to develop customized programming to equip graduates with the skills necessary to join the company as associates upon graduation. . Together, the organizations align on core competencies, training opportunities, and leverage University coaches to help develop and position potential candidates for success at GNC through a formal veteran recruitment pipeline.

“Serving military and veterans have been an integral part of the GNC community since the beginning, and we are passionate about supporting their transition to civilian life as part of the GNC family,” said Nate Frazier, Chief Operating Officer, GNC. “We are actively looking for ways to empower veterans across the company, and our partnership with the University of Health and Performance will allow us to create significant value at all levels of the company.”

In addition to Hesse, the University of Health and Performance has a strong coaching staff of experts, including former army special forces coach, Hunter Schurrerformer mental performance manager for the Toronto Blue Jays, Ben Freakleyand former Director of Whole Health Education at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Kelly Howardas an education manager.

This relationship will complement GNC’s existing engagement with by Jay Glazer Fusion of veterans and players.

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About GNC
GNC is a leading global health and wellness brand that provides high-quality, science-based products and solutions consumers need to live strong, fit and live well.

The brand reaches consumers around the world by delivering its products and services through company-owned outlets, national and international franchises, digital commerce, and strong wholesale and retail partnerships across the globe. GNC’s diverse, multi-channel business model has global reach and a recognized trusted brand. By combining exceptional innovation, product development capabilities and an extensive global distribution network, GNC manages a best-in-class product portfolio.

About the University of Health and Performance
The University of Health and Performance (UHP) is a wellness-focused educational institution whose mission is to empower students to discover purpose and new career paths, through fitness and health. UHP teaches an integrated four-dimensional curriculum known as “The Purpose Blueprint”, in which students set goals in four key pillars: how to think, train, feel and lead. The immersive experience that took place on 500 acres in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, gives students the tools to identify their purpose, while building a focused plan for living it. Students train and live in world-class facilities designed by a leading New York architecture firm. Graduates are certified as credentialed health and fitness coaches and receive ongoing mentorship, job placement support, and counseling through UHP’s Graduate Support Program.

The UHP was founded in January 2022by Matt Hesse in Bentonville, AR. Hesse has a long history of working within and on behalf of the veteran population. He is also president of the United States Council for Fitness and Sports. For more information visit