Veterans organization

Governor Youngkin donates second quarter salary to veterans organization

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Governor Glenn Youngkin donated his salary for the second quarter of the year to the Virginia Veteran Services Foundation Tuesday during a ceremony at the soon-to-open Jones and Cabacoy Veterans Care Center.

The organization helps veterans and 100% of the donation will go to the foundation.

Governor Youngkin’s salary in the second quarter of the year was over $43,000.

News 3 also spoke with Youngkin about a spike in violent crime in Virginia, including on highways and freeways.

Since early June, there have been seven on highways in southeastern Virginia.

Youngkin says his violent crime task force has held meetings in Virginia and regularly hears the same things: the need for more law enforcement resources, the need to keep violent criminals behind bars, and the need for young people to have activities.

He says provisions in the recently signed state budget will address some of that and says state police are partnering with local police departments, including in Portsmouth, to try to increase their police presence.

“We’ve been really focused on increasing the level of police presence,” Youngkin told News 3. “We’re just at the beginning. I don’t want to mislead anyone. , but the increased police presence really makes a huge difference. We’re just getting started and you can expect more from us on this.