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Growing numbers in Adair County Veterans Services | Atlantic

ADAIR COUNTY – Adair County Veterans Affairs Commissioner John Schildberg told the Adair County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday that the number of veterans taking advantage of veterans services is growing every day.

“We have at least four new vets a month, and often it’s in teenagers,” Schildberg said.

Board member Jodie Hoadley said the increase was likely due to the good services veterans receive from department staff and through word of mouth.

“You’d be surprised how many veterans didn’t know we had these services and they were available to them,” Hoadley said. “I only hear good things coming out of our VA office and (I hear) from people in other counties that they don’t get the services they get here.”

Schildberg said staff participated in the Adair 150th Celebration Parade and spoke to many veterans at the celebration, who said they would stop by to learn more about the services.

“We were in the parade and we had a lot of people (talking to us) that I know are going to come in,” he said.

According to the Adair County website, the department provides the following services: Compensation Form Completion, Retirement Benefit Form Completion, VA Health System Application, Obtaining, Upgrading, and Replacing Military Records, government headstone and headstones, application for veterans housing, applications for education and home loan benefits, veterans emergency assistance, county assistance, federal assistance, transportation to medical appointments, applications for Iowa Veterans Trust Fund, referrals to service organizations, and referrals for counseling and placement.

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