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Helen Ayer Patton appointed to Veteran Services USA Advisory Board

On Veterans Day, Helene Patton and David WebbSirius XM host Patriot, Fox Nation host and Fox News contributor to represent Veterans Services United States in the City of Tulsa parade. VSUSA will invest $30 million in the former Tulsa Crowne Plaza Hotel located at 7902 S. Lewis Ave. at Tulsa, Oklahoma. to revitalize the hotel and convert it into a mixed-use property containing a Radisson hotel, new residences for U.S. veterans ages 55 and older, and a day health center for older adults.

“VSUSA is 100% committed to investing in the City of Tulsa and this Veterans Day was the perfect time to present our new appointment to the Board of Directors. » Said Charles EverhardtPrincipal and co-founder of VSUSA, “The spirit of Helen has a great influence on the lives of many veterans”.

Veterans Services Officials United States and Helene Patton will join forces to combat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTS) that afflicts many returning service members. Ms. Patton uses her platform to draw attention to the plight of veterans and service members. VSUSA will provide affordable residential housing for elderly veterans on fixed incomes, day health activities for seniors provided by SarahCareand a universe of services to enable veterans to achieve their life goals while continuing to serve their communities.

Helene Patton is uniquely positioned to contribute to the VSUSA Advisory Board, her continued efforts to support transitioning service members will have a profound impact on our VSUSA mission.” commented Eddie Dovner, Principal and co-founder of VSUSA. “

About Veterans Services United States
Veterans Services United States (VSUSA) empowers veterans and seniors by providing services designed to create successful life transitions with access to workforce and independent housing; health services; and social service programs in communities through United States. For transitioning military members, veterans, and families, VSUSA seeks to provide educational programs that offer innovative training, counseling, and career connections through strong public-private partnerships, applying proven community-based, evidence-based approaches. strengths to build resilience, address trauma and prevent suicide.

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