Veterans benefits

Hundreds of Veterans Receive In-Person Assistance at Veterans Benefits Live Event

More than 800 veterans and their families were served at the three-day open house held in Mecklenburg County Aug. 18-20, with more than $1 million in benefits likely to pay out in result.

Held for the first time since 2019, Mecklenburg County Veterans Services, US Veterans Affairs and other partners sponsored Benefits for Veterans Live: VA in my city: Mecklenburg County. The event gave veterinarians from across the region a unique in-person opportunity to ask questions and get answers about their benefits and claims, as well as learn about other valuable services.

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte hosted Veterans Benefits Live: VA in My City: Mecklenburg County. Click here to see the photos.

Veterans in attendance represented at least 11 states, including most of the southeast, Colorado, Texas, Idaho and New York.

Event highlights:

  • About $345,000 in retroactive benefits were paid out in the three days after claims were processed on the spot, with more than $1 million in larger awards likely after reviews over the next few weeks.
  • More than 125 veterans wanted more information about the PACT Act, which extends health care and VA benefits to veterans exposed to fireplaces and other toxic substances.
  • Veterans have also asked for help on topics such as insurance benefits, military sexual trauma and homelessness. Twenty-eight veterans at the event were identified as homeless, including one receiving retroactive benefits of $59,000.
  • More than 75 veterans have been referred to NCServes, a statewide network that provides coordinated care and resources to the North Carolina military community.

Mecklenburg County is home to over 50,000 veterans. There are 140,000 veterans in the Charlotte metropolitan area, the largest concentration in North Carolina. In fiscal year 2021, Veterans Affairs spent more than $550 million to benefit Mecklenburg County veterans, including $311 million in direct veterans payments.

Partners for Veterans Benefits Live: VA in My City: Mecklenburg County to understand:

The Veterans Services Division of Mecklenburg County Community Support Services is dedicated to serving veterans and their families. The office is accredited by the National Association of County Veteran Service Officers, the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Disabled American Veterans, and the American Legion. Veterans in need of service can visit or call 704-336-2102.