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Inverness man charged with robbing veterans organization | Crime and courts

An Inverness man was arrested after stealing railings and railings from a local veterans organization to recycle for cash, according to an arrest affidavit from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

Alan Lemay, 60, was arrested and charged with grand larceny and two counts of trafficking or attempted trafficking in stolen property. Bail was set at $12,000.

On September 14, deputies worked on a theft case in which aluminum railings and railings were stolen from the Citrus County Veterans Coalition and brought to Crystal River Metal Recycling. They were valued at $3,000.

Deputies arrested Lemay’s co-defendant and later found he had also been involved in the incident. On October 7, deputies made contact with him at his residence.

In Lemay’s yard was a black Chrysler, the same vehicle the manager of Crystal River Metal Recycling allegedly dumped the stolen metal.

After Miranda, Lemay allegedly told MPs he loaded the aluminum into his van and hauled it to the Inverness boat ramp to try to attach ramps to a boat he did not possess. He then said he returned to that location and put the foil back where he found it and never saw it again.

Deputies told Lemay that the manager of Crystal River Metal and Recycling provided a photo of his car when the aluminum was recycled Aug. 12-16. A witness also saw Lemay load the aluminum into his van with the co-accused.

The co-accused allegedly told deputies that Lemay was present during the incident. When the deputies showed Lemay the photos taken by the manager, he said he had been deceived, but did not say by whom and pleaded the Fifth (Amendment).

Lemay was placed under arrest and transported to Citrus County Jail.