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Krause’s Law is dedicated to veterans benefits and represents disabled veterans and their families

Krause Law, PLLC is dedicated exclusively to the practice area of ​​veterans benefits and the representation of disabled veterans and their families.

Krause Law, PLLC is pleased to announce that its firm focuses exclusively on the legal representation of veterans in need of veterans benefits and disabled veterans and their families. Krause Law, PLLC – Lawyers for Veterans helps clients file a lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs. Krause Law focuses on representing veterans in various administrative law and federal law practice areas involving the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The law firm provides legal services for records requests through the Freedom of Information Act and the Protection of Privacy Act, disability compensation benefits, preparation and Veterans Employment, formerly Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.

The Krause Law, PLLC Disabled Veterans blog page outlines information about the only online course that comes with a downloadable textbook. The course helps veterans navigate veteran preparation and employment (VR&E). The course was written by a veteran who was trained to become a lawyer by VR&E. Tried and tested strategies help veterans get through the first date for VR&E benefits. You don’t have to fail on the first date.

Benjamin Krause, Esq., practices federal law and agency matters involving the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). It provides representation for veterans, soldiers, and families against the DVA in agency decisions and federal law. Through his own personal experience in accessing VA benefits, he knows the issues of military service and how that service affects the soldier while in the military as well as after removing the uniform.

Cases and practice areas include adverse VA disability compensation decisions, adverse Chapter 31 veteran preparation and employment decisions (formerly known as vocational rehabilitation and employment), claims for medical malpractice under the Federal Tort Claims Act and Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act claims. Preparation for hearings is ensured by the courses available on the website.

About the company:

Krause Law, PLLC provides representation and assistance to families of veterans. Practice areas include veterans disability benefits and VRE benefits.

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