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Madera County Welcomes New Veteran Services Officer

MADERA – The Madera County Board of Supervisors warmly welcomed new Veterans Services Officer Joshua Christopherson when he was introduced at a board meeting held earlier this month (June 2) just after the Christopherson’s first day on the job.

As Veterans Services Officer, he will oversee the staff and day-to-day management of the Madera County Veterans Services Office (CVSO), which was established by the Supervisors to “help every veteran, dependents and survivors to make and pursue any claims by establishing the Veteran’s entitlement to statutory benefits.

A military veteran with more than a decade of leadership experience in the private sector, Christopherson holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and business management and an MBA in “management and strategy” from West Governors University.

“I really think he’s going to do a great job for the county,” District 5 Supervisor Tom Wheeler said after Christopherson was introduced by Human Resources Director Elba Gomez.

For the past few years, Christopherson has worked with veterans in the Fresno area, and in a brief comment to supervisors, he said he was looking forward to getting started in Madera County.

Christopherson served five years in the Air National Guard and also worked for three years as a state firefighter.

He will be based at the Madera County Government Center in Madera, where the CVSO provides assistance to veterans and veterans’ dependents in the following areas:

  • filing a service-related disability claim
  • application for retirement benefits
  • application for funeral allowances
  • provide references for educational and employment benefits
  • application for survivor benefits
  • request for VA medical care

Depending on when a person served in the military, the benefits may vary. The office offers several programs designed for disabled veterans who served during a period of war but had no service-related disabilities. These include monthly monetary benefits, hospitalization and outpatient medical care.

Later this year, mountain veterans are expected to be able to benefit from CVSO services in Oakhurst after the county opens the new satellite government center.