Veterans healthcare


All veterans in the area are invited to an open house at Malta Bend Memorial Post 558 at 7pm on Monday 21st March.

According to a press release, Heather Brown, head of strategic partnerships at Truman Medical Center, will be at the Post to discuss veterans’ health care and how Truman Veterans Hospital can help veterans get medical care. aid.

Brown needs to talk about eligibility and how veterans can apply for help. And while she can’t schedule appointments, she can help with any specific challenges a person may have with the service. She will also be able to talk about clinics in the area and how they work with Truman Hospital – many veterans in the area get services from Sedalia.

Brown will be able to enroll veterans and plans to do so for those interested.

If you have an issue that requires special attention, we invite you to drop by and ask the question. If there is something wrong with your VA medical care – current or past service – you are welcome to discuss it. Note: Brown is not a service agent, so there are some topics she may not be able to discuss in the meeting, but she will connect you with the right source.

If you have any questions about the meeting, contact Post 558 Warrant Officer Steve Olson at (660) 202-9105.

For those who may not have been to the Malta Bend Post, it is located at 27003 DayBreak Avenue, just off Highway 65. Take Highway 65 North out of Marshall and turn left at the flashing red light four-way at the Waggin’ Wheel Restaurant. The Post is a blue Wick building just outside of town on the right side of the gravel road.