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MC Veterans Organization Seeks New Members |

RUPERT — If you’re a veteran, should you join a veterans service organization in your community?

People see the various groups of veterans marching in parades, holding flag ceremonies, and holding fundraisers. They think veteran bands are just a bunch of old guys telling war stories from their glory days. Many veterans who are not involved in a veterans organization are put off by this image and feel that involvement in such a group is not for them.

Mini-Cassia veterans service agent Chuck Driscoll begs to disagree with this perception.

“When we were in the army, we always had six of our friends. We were instilled in us to watch over the men in our businesses and to function as a team,” he said.

Veterans should always be there to support and support each other even after leaving the military.

In the Mini-Cassia area, there are several veteran service organizations: VFW, American Legion, AmVets, Vietnam Veterans of America, and DAV. Chances are, one of these bands is the perfect fit for a veteran, no matter what their situation.

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A veteran, Sarah Maples, gave three reasons why it’s important for veterans to participate in veterans groups in an article she wrote for Military Life magazine. She said it is first and foremost a place where veterans can make an impact, in their communities and even on the national stage. Veterans groups help their communities in many ways, but they are also involved in sponsoring laws and benefits that help veterans.

If you’re a veteran, a veterans group is a place where your buddies hang out – the second reason given by Maples. Most people who enjoyed their military service mostly enjoyed the people they worked with and the camaraderie that united them. Veterans groups are made up of people who have similar experiences and are like the people with whom veterans served. They can have that same sense of camaraderie in a group of veterans.

The third reason given by Maples is that veterans groups have access to resources and information that can be helpful to veterans. “These are organizations that provide a variety of benefits to their members, their communities, and the broader military and veteran populations. And the more members they have, the more they can do on all fronts. Maples wrote.

If you want to learn more about veteran service organizations in the Mini-Cassia area, you can call Chuck Driscoll at 208-678-3599 to find out where they meet and what they do.

Your fellow veterans need your participation and support, and they are ready to “get your sixes” at the same time.