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Protecting seniors from uncontrolled increases in health insurance

This is the time of year when the insured is informed of premium increases for the coming year. I was told that my Medigap the policy premium will increase by more than 50%. Unfortunately, unlike most other health insurance policies, Indiana does not require insurers to offer guarantee-issue Medigap policies except in very limited circumstances.

Because of this, and because most older people have pre-existing conditions, insurers can pass on large premium increases without risking losing business to competitors. Other states are more progressive in this area and have regulations that require insurers to offer warranty-issuance policies throughout the retiree’s lifecycle.

Social Security:The average retiree spends 30% of their Social Security income on health care

To protect their seniors from runaway premium increases, Indiana’s executive and legislative branches should review and revise regulations pertaining to Medigap warranty issuance regulations to enhance competition among insurance companies selling in the marketplace. from Indiana. This is very much in line with the policy of reducing the effects of inflation on the elderly sector of Indiana’s population and would provide much needed relief to a portion of Indiana’s citizens whose incomes are in decline. large part fixed.

Anthony Gianoli South Bend

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On September 11, I attended the 9 a.m. remembrance ceremony at Standing Liberty Memorial at St. Patrick’s Park. Our first responders from all local areas showed up to help us remember the dead. Thank you to all those firefighters, paramedics, and police who help us never forget the events of that very sad day in America.

We came together as a country in a beautiful way in those days, just after the attacks, united in our determination to protect the United States and the freedom it represents for the whole world. We held our American flags high and flew them from porches and businesses everywhere. We are very fortunate to have a 9/11 memorial in St. Joseph County. It is a place where we can bring our children, so that they too know that we can never take for granted the freedoms we have.

Thank you to all members of our local community who contributed to our local 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony.

Amy Drake Granger


Which veterans was Jackie Walorski representing when she did not hold accountable the man responsible for the attack on our Capitol? His name shouldn’t be on a VA clinic.

Mike Morse

United States Navy 1969-1973


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