Veteran services

SSU Military & Veteran Services Supports Veteran Student Success

By assisting students who are veterans, current service members, and their family members, Shawnee State University’s Office of Military and Veterans Services helps military-affiliated students transition into the academic and civic life.

“As a recent college graduate, I understand the challenges of transitioning from military to college life,” said Brian Caudill, Military and Veteran Services Coordinator. “The life you had compared to now can often seem opposite.”

Working within the Office of Military and Veterans Services, Caudill’s role is to provide counseling and assistance to student veterans and their families by helping them obtain all federal and state educational benefits and rights they earned while serving in the US military. Open to all active duty students, veterans, and military spouses and dependents, Caudill ensures that student veterans have the opportunity to find a support system on campus.

“The transition can be difficult,” he said. “Take it one day at a time and understand that there is always someone available to help you navigate through the issues.”

The office also supports the university’s Student Veterans of America (SVA) student organization which strives to give student veterans educational experiences that go beyond the classroom.

“Many of us miss the camaraderie we had while serving,” Caudill said. “Military and veteran services are a place where you can get the same camaraderie.”

Caudill invites all veteran students on campus to stop by the office Monday through Thursday anytime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

“You have served us, let us serve you now,” he said.

To others on campus, Caudill offers advice on how they can support veteran students inside and outside the classroom.

“If you’re having a class with a veteran, let them know you appreciate them and the sacrifices they’ve made,” he said. “Understand that veteran students are a great resource. Veterans have experiences that can benefit you.

Brian Caudil

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