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United Center Chicago Event Raises Funds for Rags of Honor Stellate Ganglion Block Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

CHICAGO (WLS) — Katalin Rodriguez Ogren prepared for a life-changing special workout on Sunday.

“We’re really trying to say, ‘They had our backs. Now let’s keep theirs,'” said Katalin, co-founder of Jump for Vets. “Veterans are always something that has a place in our hearts.”

Jump for Vets is a bloody fundraiser for Rags of Honor, a nonprofit that lifts up veterans who are homeless or suffer from post-traumatic stress. Community organization West Loop helped organize the event.

“Literally, this week we’re going to schedule veterans for the procedures and pay for them to receive the treatment,” Katalin said.

This treatment is given as an injection called Stellate Ganglion Block, or SGB, which improves sleep and concentration while reducing irritability and anxiety.

“It was called a ‘coup de Dieu’,” said Mark Doyle, the founder of Rags of Honor1. “It’s a miraculous, miraculous procedure.”

Rags of Honor has raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years to help veterans and first responders land that vital, critical hit. It is also the only non-profit organization that helps cover the cost of this treatment, which costs nearly $2,000 and is not covered by insurance.

“It’s really hard to overstate the feeling you get when a veteran calls you, and it happened two weeks ago, to say, ‘Thank you, Mark. My kids love me again,” Mark said.

“I’m so grateful for Rags of Honor’s generosity in helping us, because it really saved many, many of our lives,” Chicago Police Officer Melinda Linas said.

Melinda is also an Army veteran.

“The cumulative trauma that you see every day is building up. After years and years of dealing with hectic situations, violent situations, seeing injured children and victims every day, it weighs on you,” he said. she declared.

Rags of Honor paid for Melinda to get vaccinated, which she says saved lives in the CPD.

“Some of these officers felt suicidal, they felt hopeless. Now I talk to them, we keep in touch, they got that sting and they’re fine. They want to live and know how to deal with their stressors,” says- she.

If you are experiencing suicidal, addiction or other mental health crises, please call or text the new three-digit code to 988. You will reach a trained crisis counselor free of charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 7. You can also go to or call the current toll-free number 800-273-8255 [TALK].

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