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US Veteran Disability Claims Assistance | Eligibility Assessment Services Update

The updated educational service shows veterans how to prepare a complete and accurate application. Veterans have access to the agency’s exclusive resources, including medical professionals, disability assessments, independent medical opinions, and more.

This updated educational service shows veterans how to prepare an accurate, complete, and fully developed application. Veterans have access to the agency’s exclusive resources, including medical professionals, VA-accredited attorneys, disability assessments, Nexus letters and independent medical opinions, group coaching, as well as personal coaching 1:1, and much more.

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members of the armed forces often feel undervalued by the wider community, which is only exacerbated by the difficulties encountered when filing a disability claim. The recently announced VDC Bootcamp services aim to address many of these concerns and will improve the chances of a successful claim.

A significant number of veterans’ claims are denied each year. According to the non-governmental website,, some of the common reasons a claim is denied include lack of medical evidence, non-acceptance of medical certificates, incomplete information, and use of incorrect forms.

VDC Bootcamp has recognized that many of these issues can be avoided. The company’s improved services ensure that the right evidence is collected from qualified doctors and in-house coaches now provide guidance on document preparation and filing.

Signing up for the Services does not incur any associated fees. Additionally, VDC Bootcamp now offers a free consultation to discuss benefit eligibility. Following an initial discovery call, veterans will be assigned a personal coach who will remain their point of contact throughout the process.

The next steps may include collecting medical evidence, completing the form, submitting the claim, and preparing for the compensation and retirement review.

About VDC Bootcamp

A faith-based educational group, VDC Bootcamp was created to provide support, as well as to teach veterans about the claims process. The agency’s coaches of disabled veterans work closely with veterans throughout, ensuring they are updated every step of the way. The company also assists with appeal processes for claims that have been denied.

A veteran recently said, “VDC Bootcamp really made sure I was set up for success and saved me so much time than going to a VSO or doing it myself. Getting a 1:1 coach to make sure I did my business held me accountable. If you or someone needs help with their VA disability application, check out their site. I promise it will make a huge difference.

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