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Veteran Services USA Receives Major Grant from Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona Preserving Historic Property Features Along Nationally Recognized Highway

The need to reinvest in the renovation of significant real estate assets along the Route 66 corridor is critical to avoiding future unintended losses. The frequency of overnight motel stays along the Route has decreased while the demand for affordable residential solutions has increased dramatically. Additionally, the integration of new commercial tenants will create an attractive streetscape for those who live, work and visit the area.

“The Town of Holbrook is excited about the potential redevelopment of the property. The said Planning and Zoning Administrator of the Town of Holbrook, Jason Foutz. “We have worked closely with the developer to determine which solution will be best going forward. The zoning solutions we are exploring will provide greater flexibility for property owners in the redevelopment of their properties to meet modern and modern demands. to benefit from this package. Economic impact.”

About the Historic Route 66 Association Arizona
At February 18, 1987a group of 15 enthusiasts met at the Copper Cart restaurant in Seligman, AZand formed the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona. Directed by Angel Delgadilloa barber who grew up on Route 66, this group is committed to supporting and further developing the highway that was America’s original heart and soul.

Route 66, originally built as the first continental highway, with sections of it today showcasing the enduring parts of American history of global significance. Route 66 might have been just a page in the history books if not for the Association that led to Route 66’s revival, putting it on the map as a destination apart. whole. Not only in Arizonabut in the eight states the roadway covers.

Working tirelessly, this non-profit organization has never lost sight of its mission to preserve, protect and promote the Route. Over the years, the Association’s efforts have resulted in Arizona the state designation of the highway being an Arizona Historic Highway, a National Scenic Byway, and achieving All-U.S. Highway status, the highest possible national designation. In addition, the Association continues to help all from arizona Route 66 communities with preservation and commercialization projects.

About Veterans Services United States
Veterans Services United States (VSUSA) empowers veterans and seniors by providing services to build successful life transitions with access to workforce and independent housing; comprehensive health services; and social service programs in communities through United States. For transitioning service members, veterans, and families, VSUSA seeks to provide transition programs that include innovative training, educational counseling, and career connections through strong public-private partnerships, applying community-based approaches and based on proven strengths to build resilience, treat trauma and prevent suicide.

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