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Veterans benefits law firm, Gang & Associates announces new location in Washington, DC.

Our practice is agency-centric, and the court is in the nation’s capital, so it made sense to open a satellite location in Washington.”

—Eric Gang, Esq

UNITED STATES, March 22, 2022 / — Veterans benefits law firm Gang & Associates announces the opening of its new location in Washington, DC. With a nationwide practice before the federal agency and United States Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims in Washington, D.C., the firm will now have a location near the Veterans Appeals Board and Court United States Appeal for Veterans Claims, as well as the thousands of veterans in the Washington metropolitan area. “Our practice is centered on the agency and court in the nation’s capital, so it made sense to open a satellite location in Washington,” said Eric Gang, the company’s founder.

Gang & Associates’ latest expansion comes after opening a location in San Juan, Puerto Rico last year. The company is planning further expansion on the west coast next year.

Washington, DC address:
1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Office 700
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone. : 202-979-5190

Our veterans disability benefits law firm specializes in handling hard-to-prove cases that have been on appeal for years.

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About Gang & Associates

We are a leading law firm for disabled veterans who have represented more than 1,000 appeals in the United States Court of Appeals for veterans’ claims and have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of disabled veterans. Gang & Associates focuses on veterans benefit issues. We represent U.S. veterans whose work capacity is impaired due to injuries and medical conditions resulting from their service, with a particular focus on PTSD and UDID issues. Specialized in complex cases, we serve clients living all over the world.

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