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Veterans Services offered at Glendale Community College – El Vaquero

On the heels of Veterans Day, The Vaquero explored the resources offered by the college for veteran students. GCC’s Veterans Resource Center is a place where veterans can get help after reintegrating into civilian life, providing benefits each semester for tutoring, grants, and furthering educational goals.

Staff at the center (located in the annex of the Tongva Building) assist veterans and eligible dependents to qualify for education benefits and plan education programs. The college is approved by the VA as a degree-granting institution for veterans and dependents eligible for educational assistance, according to the college’s website. To complete an application for admission, students can go here. Veterans who wish to use any of the VA education benefits must complete all necessary forms before seeing a veteran certification agent. An Intent to Enroll form must be submitted to Veteran Certifiers for each semester in which a student wishes to receive VA education benefits. Each semester, it is the veteran’s responsibility to notify the GCC Veteran Certification Official that they will continue to receive their educational benefits. It is not an automatic process. It is also important to note that any student who withdraws/or receives an “F” from a class must notify the department. Veterans taking a course that lasts less than one semester will only be paid for the actual enrollment period.

“The Glendale Community College Military Veterans Resource Center provides service, tutoring, benefits assistance and community for all veterans on the Glendale Community College campus,” said Charles Schumate, GCC Coordinator VRC, in an interview. “Staff at our Veterans Assistance Center help eligible veterans and dependents qualify for educational benefits and plan educational programs.”

“The State Department of Education is under contract with VA to provide higher education to eligible veterans and dependents under U.S. Code Title 38, Chapters 30,31,32,35, and 1606,” Schumate said. “Recipients of a VA may receive monthly compensation under the GI Bill or the Post-Vietnamese Era Veteran Education Assistance Program based on their attendance and the number of units in which they are registered.”

Veterans enrolling for the first time may not know how many scholarship and grant programs are available unless they inquire. Most scholarships only require a DD214. A popular funding option for Navy veterinarians is the Marines Memorial Association Scholarships. This list of scholarships available specifically for military veterans covers many scholarships available, but not all.

Schumate was also asked to provide a specific number regarding the number of student veterans the Veterans Center has helped over the past year. “We served 117 student veterans using VA education benefits from January 1 through December 31. The total number of student veterans and veteran dependents served is 144.”

Veterans who enroll in courses must make appointments with Veteran Advisors. They must pass the required assessments in English and/or Mathematics. To make an appointment, call (818) 240-1000 ext. 3360. Prior to scheduling an appointment, students must have documents available for review, including assessment center scores, sealed official transcripts, release or discharge certification (DD-214 ) and certification eligibility letter from the VA. To register for courses, students can register online according to their registration date and time.

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