Veterans benefits

WATCH: Supreme Court hears arguments over veterans’ benefits and court filing deadline rules

The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard arguments on two cases – the first over the status of veterans benefits and the second over whether a dispute over court filing dates is sufficient reason to deny a recognized man guilty of a crime a new trial.

Listen to the audience in the player above.

In the first case, veteran Kevin George suffered from mental health issues that he said were made worse by his military service. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs denied him benefits using regulations that decades later were proven wrong. George had sued, but a lower court found that because he couldn’t specifically identify the rule as the reason he was denied benefits, he couldn’t reopen his claim. George asks the Supreme Court to find that his benefits were improperly withheld.

In Kemp v. United States, Dexter Kemp had been convicted in Florida of drug and firearms charges, but later claimed he had suffered due to an ineffective attorney. However, his legal request to have his conviction overturned has been the subject of a dispute over whether it was filed too late. Kemp is asking the court to find that he filed his claim within a reasonable time.