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My friend is a naturalized American citizen of English descent, and he is troubled.

His brother, who lives England, was stricken with severe abdominal pain, was diagnosed with an acute gallbladder, and was hospitalized for several weeks. They sent him home and on an outpatient basis, they placed a tube in his gallbladder. With the tube finally removed, he now waits for months, on a National health list, to have his gallbladder removed. A walking time bomb (in America it would have been released in the first week). My friend’s experience with his brother brought back memories of his elderly father in a hospital ward crying on the phone because he had to wait to be changed – he was left by indifferent nurses, in his own excrement , a man who fought at Alamein and Normandy, and on the Rhine, was finally broken, not by the Nazis but by the callousness of the English National Health Service. My friend’s aunt, who at 80 needed a hip replacement, waited 11 months in pain. She died four years later after suffering 20% ​​of her last five years. And his cousin who bragged about free health care in Canada until he had a back problem that required surgery. The wait lasted two years, and this politically liberal Canadian health care braggart happily accepted his company’s offer to go to a private clinic and be taken care of.

My friend was so grateful to live in America where these horrors didn’t happen, but as progressive projects to socialize American health care gained strength, he wondered if it was just a matter of time.

There is no doubt that Americans are becoming increasingly dependent on government subsidies and government-run health care plans.

Combine Medicaid (welfare to the poor), Children’s Health Insurance Program (welfare for children), Medicare (government health care for the elderly), Obamacare exchanges (subsidies), Tri-Care (veterans insurance), and Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals about 161 million (total population about 330 million) Americans have their health care paid directly or subsidized by the government. What each of these healthcare provider entities (except Virginia) has in common that it does not pay health care providers (doctors) and health care facilities (hospitals) rates that allow it to earn enough profit to stay in business. Private insurance, mostly provided by employers and partially paid for by employees, makes up the difference. This is called cost shifting. By paying three to four times more than government-supported programs for the same service, American workers are subsidizing the entire health care system.

The public option

Whether President Biden is able to open the door to Americans buying Medicare (the public option), a series of catastrophic events will occur. In a short period of time, a critical mass of Americans will switch to the cheaper government-run program, which does not pay enough to sustain the system. Pressure on the private insurance industry to raise prices to support the new cost shifting would not be sustainable and private health insurance would collapse. Inaugurating government-controlled socialized medicine.

What is happening to Medicare Physician Payment is disturbing.

The government’s decision to have another decade without a significant increase in reimbursement for doctors will bring about change. During the previous decade, doctors would not accept any increases in Medicare reimbursements because the losses due to inflation were minimal and could be offset by increased private insurance revenue, but with the new gradual inflation of 8-10% per year is no longer a viable option. Clearly, a Medicare patient will not be worth seeing and the lines will start to get longer.

The Canary in the Coal mine

Across America, in places with a high percentage of Medicare patients, Concierge Medicine is starting to take hold. Individuals pay a fixed annual fee to join an entity (much like a health club) that provides health care. The club consists of a variety of providers with doctors forming the backbone. Other services, including labs, x-rays, and cardiology capacity, could be on campus. The Health Club guarantees an efficient service with same-day medical appointments. Often, the doctors of the Club will follow a hospitalized patient and will ensure that the care provided is beyond reproach. The price varies {depending on the services} from $1,200 per year up to $20,000 per year.

A quick calculation (based on a real case Florida example) demonstrates the point.

If a group of four top doctors could each get 200 paying patients $5,000 per year (club fees), the total practice income would be $4 million. Typically, 50% of practice revenue goes to overhead, leaving each physician $500,000 one year compensation. This does not include what they would collect on Medicare billing and any other ancillary services. The usual GP has a panel of around 1000 patients and is paid around $200,000/ year. In this case, the whole group would have 800 patients and would be able to give more time and quality service to their patients. The best doctors would soon tire of being forced by managed care and big health care corporations to see a patient every 15 minutes and be paid far less. The migration to concierge medicine is in its infancy, but unless things change, this is the future. This future will be defined by the “haves” (club members) receiving superior medical services and the “have-nots” waiting in line helplessly. By praying, a place opens up to see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

What sets America’s healthcare system apart is that the vast majority of Americans who have access {only 8% do not have} access to healthcare (especially Medicare), regardless of race, gender , age or socio-economic status, are dealt with promptly and fairly. People of means are fine if quality care is readily available, and the less fortunate around them also have access to it. The catch arises when wealthy people no longer perceive that quality care is readily available. They will then find private options (think concierge medicine}. Once that happens, they will have no interest in the average American’s health care pool and will not care about quality. The natural evolution to a two-tier system will occur with the well-to-do enjoying the current level of service via a private option, while the masses have health care rationing. Happened across the pond and north of our border (think my Anglo-American friend’s family) and it’s starting to happen here.

We have seen what unchecked progressive elected officials have done with 20 months in power.

Dividing our nation with equity discrimination, energy prices are skyrocketing, millions of illegals crossing our open borders with sex traffickers and fentanyl killing youth showing up daily. Inflation is ravaging people’s retirement, destroying their future. The world is on fire and our big cities have been turned into cesspools where crime reigns. The DOJ and the FBI have been corrupted {think Russiagate and the raid on Trump’s house} while our military is weakened {think Afghanistan withdrawal} and the recruitment of the armed forces is falling short due to the “awakening” in the ranks.

washington d.c. progressive elected officials are back in their states and districts, lying about their guilt in tearing America apart. Don’t get me wrong, if left in power, they will come for the progressive “holy grail” of nationalized health care, and just like my English friend’s unfortunate brother, it will be you or your loved one who will be lining up for essential health care. Time bombs, waiting to explode as progressive elites enjoy unrestricted access to a private healthcare alternative.

James A.Betti is an occasional columnist for The Telegraph.