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Your Complete Guide to the June 21 Primary Runoff

As the critical midterm elections on Nov. 8 approach, Georgians have one more chance to weigh in on Democratic and Republican candidates in key races.

Monday kicks off a week of early voting for each party’s primary playoffs in statewide races for lieutenant governor, secretary of state, commissioner of labor and commissioner of insurance, as well as several congressional seats and other local clashes. The two ballots pit the top two voters against each other in races where no candidate won a majority in the May 24 Democratic and Republican primaries.

Here’s everything you need to know to pass the trickle down vote:


Last day to request a postal ballot: Friday, June 10. Request a ballot here.

Advance voting: June 13-17

election day: Tuesday, June 21

Not registered to vote? You must be registered 30 days before an election, so it’s too late for new voters to register for the June 21 primary run-off, but go ahead and register for November 8. here.

Where to vote? To find here.



Charlie Bailey

Primary Vote Percentage: 17.6%

Occupation: Lawyer

Why I run: Better access to health care for Georgian workers by expanding Medicaid. Reduce class size. Pay teachers and law enforcement officers more.


Kwanza room

Primary Vote Percentage: 30.2%

Occupation:Former Atlanta City Councilman and U.S. Congressman

Why I run: Protect teachers and education. Reopen medical facilities in areas where they have been closed. Affordable housing.


The winner will face Republican Senator Burt Jones on November 8.


Dee Dawkins-Haigler

Primary Vote Percentage: 18.7%

Occupation: Former State Representative

Why I run: Critique of Georgia’s New Election Integrity Law. Voting rights of champions, small business owners and professionals.


Bee Nguyen

Primary Vote Percentage: 44.3%

Occupation: State representative

Why I run: Critique of Georgia’s New Election Integrity Law. Champion voting rights. Wants to ensure that the Office of the Secretary of State works with all counties to provide adequate training and resources to conduct effective elections. Ensure that election and voting information is translated into multiple languages.


The winner will face incumbent Republican Brad Raffensperger on November 8.


Janice LoisRobinson

Primary Vote Percentage: 48.7%

Occupation: Insurance Industry Veteran

Why I run: Fight for affordable premiums. Hold insurance companies accountable. Modernize the state insurance department. Ensuring safety in schools and communities.


Raphael Baker

Primary Vote Percentage: 33.1%

Occupation: Insurance industry veteran, business owner

Why I run: Wants “affordable and viable healthcare solutions” and “equitable insurance rates for all Georgians”. For car insurance, he wants “good risk segmentation to prevent good drivers from being penalized and to stabilize the rates of careful drivers”.


The winner will face Republican John King on November 8.


William “Will” Boddie Jr.

Primary Vote Percentage: 27.7%

Occupation: Attorney and State Representative for GA House District 62

Why I run: Reopen state unemployment offices that were closed during the pandemic. Provide vocational training and apprenticeships to young people. Support unions for jobs that pay a more decent wage with safer working conditions. Overhaul the Department of Labor to ensure small businesses can fill jobs and connect with job seekers and veterans.


Nicole Horn

Primary Vote Percentage: 25.1%

Occupation: Jobs have included Waffle House waitress, business executive, TV reporter and business owner.

Why I run: Improve the payment of unemployment benefits. Create mobile career centers. Start learning programs. Establish regional labor commissions. Fight systemic discrimination in the workplace. Reduce prison recidivism by creating jobs.


The winner will face Republican Bruce Thompson on November 8.

US HOUSE, DISTRICT 6 (Republican)

Jake Evans

Percentages of primary votes: 23%

Profession: lawyer, former chairman of the State Ethics Commission

Why I run: Opposes abortion except when a woman’s life is in danger. Supports 2nd Amendment and Law Enforcement. Wants closed primaries for voters. Supporters of disbanding the US Senate’s Jan. 6 committee investigating the 2021 attack on the US Capitol.


Rich McCormick

Percentages of primary votes: 43.1%

Occupation: Emergency physician and former navy pilot

Why I run: Opposes abortion. Supports the 2nd Amendment. Wants pharmaceutical reforms.


The winner will face Democrat Bob Christian on November 8

US HOUSE, DISTRICT 10 (Democrats)

Jessica Fore

Primary Vote Percentage: 19.3%

Occupation: real estate agent

Why I run: Right to vote. Decent wages. Universal health care. Tax reform with a tiered top marginal rate that ties lower rates to the creation of gainful employment. Common Sense Gun Laws.


Tabitha Johnson Green

Primary Vote Percentage: 42%

Occupation: Registered nurse

Why I run: Affordable health care.more affordable, outlaws discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Free public college. Renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Modernizing the US Electricity Grid.


The winner will face the winner of the Republican runoff for House District 10.

US HOUSE, DISTRICT 10 (Republican)

mike collins

Primary Vote Percentage: 25.6%

Occupation: trucking frame

Why I run: Opposes abortion. Supports the 2nd Amendment. Revise Washington, DC Create jobs.


Vernon Jones

Primary Vote Percentage: 21.5%

Occupation: Former DeKalb County CEO and State House Representative

Why I run: Opposes abortion. Supports the 2nd Amendment. Close the Mexican border. Increase funding for police and first responders. Replace federal income tax with a 23% federal retail sales tax via “fair tax”.


The winner will face the winner of the Democratic run-off for House District 10.

Want to know more about the candidates? Check out the Atlanta Press Club’s Loudermilk Young debate series here Where here.

For more information on the second round of elections, contact your county registrar’s office.